Why Did I Start a Blog? 

I’ve just had this ridiculous urge to start a blog. There’s several reasons for this, 

  1. I love to write. Absolutely LOVE it. 
  2. I’ve been told I have a roller coaster of    a life. 
  3. I just want to share my story. Be able to help and inspire others.    

Honesty, I’m just a normal girl within this world. I’m just a 15 year old high school student who spends way to much time writing, reading, binge watching Netflix and trying to escape the crazy stresses of this world. I struggle with an anxiety disorder and depression, and do my best to live with my head and shoulders up. 

This is just going to be my adventures, my thoughts, my ideas, my ups, my downs, my story. I greatly appreciate all you guys that will be following me through this journey of my crazy life.  

peace to all.   


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